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Monday, October 3, 2016


Crema de Flor de Calabaza con Huitlacoche/Creme of Squash Blossom Soup with Huitlacoche

About JUDITH HADEN,  Tour Director and  Author/Photographer:

Stan Gottlieb, The Oaxacan Newsletter:
“What makes this book special is Judith's connection with her subjects. There is an energy, a beauty, and a vibrant life-affirming consciousness that comes through from the subject to the reader in a way that no amount of technique can account for. The result can be seen in haunting portraits of humble but powerful artisans and artists practicing their craft in much the same way as their parents and grandparents did: their eyes are clear and amused and their faces are lined and tranquil. Even the often elusive and sometimes reclusive Francisco Toledo posed for a picture, a coup in itself.

Arizona Daily Star: 
“Judith Cooper Haden...(has) accomplished the almost impossible…it takes a genuine artist… to capture the gentle souls of the people who inhabit theregion…the book is the next best thing to a personal tour.”

Maribeth Mellin,The San Diego Union: 
 ”Fortunately, presents for those who love Mexico are abundant. A new coffeetable book, "Oaxaca: The Spirit of Mexico" tops my list. By focusing on faces, facades and works of art, photographer Judith Cooper Haden manages to convey the beauty of one of Mexico's most culturally blessed regions. Her lush collection of photographs….is guaranteed to stir the heart (and nudge the travelbudget)."

Bruce Whipperman,, Moon Handbook, Oaxaca: 
“ Simply the loveliest, most sensitively photographed and crafted coffee-table
book of Mexico photography yet produced.”

About LINDA HANNA, Oaxaca guide: 
For over a decade Linda has been cultivating and nurturing the connections to this artistic world. Sharing her knowledge with people interested in learning about folk art was one of her fundamental reasons for moving to Oaxaca years ago.

“Folk Art tour of villages around Oaxaca with Linda Hanna"
Linda gives wonderful tours to the workshops of folk art artists in villages around Oaxaca: weavers, potters, sculptors, wood carvers and painters. She has been part of the community for 20 years;she is well loved and I had a delightful 8 hours touring with her in her van, meeting artists and experiencing the roots of creation. (Trip Advisor) 

"Tour Guide Extraordinaire"  We spent three days with Linda touring various artists and locations in the villages surrounding Oaxaca. She has been doing these tours for a very long time and it shows via her familiarity with the area, the fact that all these people -- artists in their homes, shopkeepers in the galleries, cooks in the retaurants -- all know her well and greet her with hugs and smiles. You figure out very quickly:  you are with the right person. (Trip Advisor)

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