A delicious,intimate cultural overview of Oaxaca's famed cuisine

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

FEBRUARY 10-20, 2017

Hi  ~ and thanks for your interest in my tour! Our January tour is filled, February has room for one or two more, and March is in the making. Let me know your preferences.Great time of year to go south for the sun!

OVERVIEW: Our tour will be kept small and intimate as that leaves room for spontaneity and last minute changes as needed and wanted. We will be having private hands-on cooking classes in four rural villages outside of the city, one of which was featured in my Milpa: From Seed to Salsa book, and we will learn traditional recipes and cooking techniques. We will also return to Oaxaca city to enjoy the best of Oaxaca’s contemporary world-class restaurant experiences and seductive urban markets.  Our hotel is centrally located, a 4-star hotel with gardens, swimming pool and breakfast. I’ve decided to visit artisans (most of whom have been juried into the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market) who make things related to the kitchen, the dining table – dishes, tablecloths, cooking and serving pots, decorated candles, and of course the extra fancy decorated aprons – visiting the artisans in their homes and workshops. Our local tour guide has lived in Oaxaca for 20 years and has a comfortable, air-conditioned mini-van, and is a well-known folk art expert and guide. We will spend ten days eating, shopping, and above all, having fun! Some meals will be covered by the tour, but usually dinner/drinks, optional tours, are at your own discretion as everyone has such different wants/needs. Cost excluding airfare, is $2,200, with a $475 single supplement.

Watch these lovely ladies create gorgeous cookware.

ABOUT ME:  I have been visiting Oaxaca for lengthy periods since 1984 and feel it is my second home.  I have published two books on Oaxaca:  OAXACA:  The Spirit of Mexico and more recently, MILPA:  From Seed to Salsa/Ancient Ingredients for a Sustainable Future and in the process gained a cultural and linguistic fluency which began in my undergraduate studies in Spanish/Latin America Affairs, and continued in my Peace Corps experience in El Salvador.  I am looking forward to sharing my persistent love of this remarkable city and its creative, kind inhabitants with a small group of like-minded, enthusiastic travelers.  The schedule is an approximate one, subject to some minor changes, but it gives you a good idea of what’s in store! (ADD ON:  I’ll give interested people classes in iPhone Travel Photography.)

 Judith Haden

Francisca's Country Kitchen
  We featured Francisca in my recent book, Milpa: From Seed to Salsa. She is one of the finest cooks I've met, working in the most rudimentary of kitchens. It's fascinating to watch her work and learn from her...she carries all  her recipes from great-great-grandmothers in her head!

If this sounds appealing to you, I’d love to send you more detailed info. Can you let me know a little about yourself – i.e. where you live, what you enjoy doing, have you been to Mexico before, and your interest the foods of Mexico?


Warm regards,
Judith Haden

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